by Eric Brasure

Corning Shows Off Flexible Glass
This is awesome. Imagine a phone or an ereader that you can fold into a pocket.

Nathan Grayson on the Orgy of Violence at E3

Responsibility is the key, and there’s been a tremendous lapse in that on all sides of this issue. In the press conferences themselves, shocking acts of rapid-fire violence became the central message – not simply part of a larger experience – and showcases were structured to facilitate that. Far Cry 3, especially, was flat-out misrepresented as a result. To those who hadn’t seen it behind closed doors (read: plenty of press, everyone tuning in for the livestream), it just looked like a mess of blood, bare breasts, and ruthlessly slaughtered wildlife. And then, to make matters worse, conference host Aisha Tyler enthusiastically announced that she, too, wanted to “use a tiger as a tool and then kill it.”

It’s not just E3. I attended PAX East this year, and the lines were forming around games where you shoot a bunch of people for no discernible reason, while the men (because they were mostly men) at the booths with more challenging or interesting fare looked on forlornly.

This is an industry and a community that is both creatively and morally bankrupt. The people that want this sort of mindless violence for its own sake reward the people that make and publish it. The people that don’t want it get disgusted and drop out of the pastime. I don’t know what the answer is, but I know that it can’t go on forever.